College tips: How Much Money Will I Need for College?

It is no secret that college is expensive.  However, it is important to remember that students have to pay for much more than just tuition. The best way to know how much you need for your college education is to have a list of all your expenses. You can organize them into groups to have […]

College Tips: Asking Your Parents for Financial Help in College

It’s never easy to ask for money from your parents especially while you’re a college student. But if you’re in financial distress as your parents for assistance may be your only option.  You may find it uncomfortable and may even feel like a bit of a failure, but asking your parents for assistance is better […]

6 Ways to Save Money in College

We all have these preconceived notions of college being this wonderfully glamorous place that will translate into the best years of our lives. And while that may be true for some, the majority of us get a good whiff of reality when our dollars start dwindling. The truth is, while college will probably be one […]

Free college education – Audit College Classes from Ivy League Schools

Looking to get your college education for free?  These elite colleges offer a variety of programs that allow you to study and/or audit courses to learn from some of the top professors in the country and start your college education for free: 1. Yale This honorable institution has educated some of the most brilliant minds […]

Suze Orman talks College Finances at Chegg – Textbook Rental HQ!

Check out Suze Orman supplying priceless suggestions on student loans and repayment assistance! Suze – Thanks for visiting Chegg – Textbook Rental HQ ! Chegg saves you time and cash when your rent books online, and now is rewarding you with cool prizes just for renting your textbooks! Rent from this semester and you’ll […]