College News: Approval of Competency Based College

Days are designated for schools that give levels depending on the quantity of time pupils sit in a class. The U.S. Department Of Education has approved financial help for a new self-paced, online learning faculty, where pupils show proficiency, rather than make credit hours in a term-long course. How is this possible? For example, instead […]

Welcome to 2013! What are your College Goals for 2013?

Another year is over and you’re just getting back into the swing of things about to start a new year and a new semester at College. ┬áIt’s at this time of the year that we all start reflecting on the year that was and planning forward to the year that will be. What are some […]

College Student Debt: speak to the real face of College Debt

Are you struggling with Student Debt? Over the past three decades the cost of college has risen faster than both healthcare and the rate of inflation. Students feel they have no choice other than to take out costly student loans in order to afford their education. – Source We all know that it’s becoming […]