College Tips: College Test Taking Tips for College Students

So you’re starting college and you’re going to be taking your final or post test, quizzes and other examinations throughout the year. This is on top of  a lot of reports, practicums, projects and all other responsibilities that eat up your time and your spare time. This can all result in a lot of stress, […]

College Tips: Essential iPhone/iPad Apps for College Students

Get some apps for your iPhone/iPad and enjoy the easy browsing which comes so handy.  If you’re one of the 100-million or so people worldwide who own an iPhone/iPad, you’ll want to get some apps especially tailored to college. If you’re getting ready to go to college and you have  an iPhone or iPad, these are the […]

College Tips: How to Stay Focused at College

Having a lot of things on your mind? Can’t focus on your studies, but you need to get your study notes done. This is one of the many problems or issues that a college student may encounter every now and then. FOCUS. You brain gets distracted easily most of the time, especially when you’re  tired […]

Textbook Rental: Is it a smart thing?

There is an increasing trend of renting college textbooks online rather than buying. A lot of companies, big and small are beginning to offer textbook rental services online. But how will you know if renting your college textbooks online is the right thing for you to do? 1.      Work out how much it would cost […]

Pick the best college textbooks

These days, the average student spends over $1400 per year on textbooks, that is a large amount of money for something that you are more than likely only going to use for a semester or maybe a full year.  These days there are many options for obtaining your college textbooks.  You could stick with the […]