College Tips: How to write an Effective College Application Essay

Your essay reveals something significant about you that the test scores and marks can not – it’s your character. Essays allow college officers to feel and know who you are aside from showcasing your writing skills. If you’re still unknown on how to write an Effective College Application Essay, below are 8 tips that you […]

College Tips: Summer To Do List for Unemployed College Grad

A new commencement season has come and gone. Some of you got to enjoy a vacation by completing a list of to do summer activities yet others have to give up their holiday to jump up to a new job. But if you’re not into something this break you may want to get busy by […]

College Tips: 5 Things to Do After Graduation

Now you take a glimpse back in your old days in college where you had done several crazy things and as well as good ones! You just said your goodbyes to your alma mater and now getting ready to step in to the Real World, as you had prepared yourself for it. To think there […]

Turning those resolutions into lasting changes!

So yesterday I asked you about your New Years resolutions or goals for 2013, are they the same ones you made last year? (I know some of mine were).  But this year will be different, right?  Well it can be, if you choose it to be.  Making change in your life is hard, but it […]

College Tips: The iPhone Answer Underground

With the Internet now bringing us information at our finger tips, researching your College subjects should be easier than ever, right?  Not so, say many College students. Using the Internet for subject research can be a risky business, with the sites such as Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and Yahoo Answers full of mis Well fear […]