OpenStax in Partnership with ExpertTA to bring Interactive Textbooks

Free. Interactive College Textbooks, how does that sound? Further to our post yesterday, OpenStax have just announced that not only have they released free iBooks for Physics students, but the books will also be Interactive. The partnership between Expert TA, a provider that provides online tools to help professors provide the most effective teaching and […]

Textbook News: OpenStax College Releases first iBooks Textbook

Are college textbooks finally embracing the digital age? With the rapid growth rate of E-Readers and Digital Devices, the release of the first iBooks Textbook could be a sign that things are changing in the textbook area.  If you haven’t heard of iBooks before it is Apple’s e-book reader available for free from the Apple […]

Is renting textbooks green and eco-friendly?

In honor of the upcoming 40th Earth Day on April 22, we are exploring the question of the whether renting books is earth friendly. Here is some food for thought and we welcome your questions and comments: 1) Renting books has been happening for years in the form of buying textbooks from your local university […]

CengageBrain book rental prices and information

Hey everyone, CengageBrain etextbook prices and textbook rental policies are now active on the site.  Please review the information and let me know if you see any issues.  The textbook rental review system should be working now, though I had to delete out all the old records.  Please add your feedback to help other students […]