OpenStax in Partnership with ExpertTA to bring Interactive Textbooks

Free. Interactive College Textbooks, how does that sound? Further to our post yesterday, OpenStax have just announced that not only have they released free iBooks for Physics students, but the books will also be Interactive. The partnership between Expert TA, a provider that provides online tools to help professors provide the most effective teaching and […]

Kno giving away free textbooks

Each semester is rung in with the fact that textbooks must be purchased for upcoming classes.  For those students who are adept in finding used textbooks at a deal in comparison with new versions, save money by finding cheap textbooks.  Thanks to company’s like Kno, a digital textbook retailer, and the 20 Million Minds Foundation, […]

Free college education – Audit College Classes from Ivy League Schools

Looking to get your college education for free?  These elite colleges offer a variety of programs that allow you to study and/or audit courses to learn from some of the top professors in the country and start your college education for free: 1. Yale This honorable institution has educated some of the most brilliant minds […]

Win Free Textbooks for a Year with Education-Portal

Win Textbooks for a Year! You can win free textbooks for a year!  During the month of August, is giving one lucky student $1,000 to pay for textbook costs of an entire year. Like RentScouter, they understand that textbook prices are a serious financial burden for college students.  College textbook prices have been increasing […]

Where to get textbooks for free – Top 10 sites to find free books

Where to get textbooks as cheap as possible if not free? Well, free is not always an option, but many college students wonder where to find textbooks for cheap? Get a textbook price comparison of buying used textbooks online versus an online textbook rental. If you need a free textbook ask around to borrow one, […]