South Korea going all digital textbooks by 2015

South Korea’s Education Ministry has announced it wants all school age level educational materials to be delivered in a digitized format by 2015.  It hopes that by 2014 all elementary level materials will be read on a variety of computers, smart phones, and tablets.  No specific equipment choices have been made, but the Ministry did […]

Textbook Rentals beat out iPad and Electronic Textbooks

More and more companies are releasing tablets from the iPad to the Kno tablet, many with high hopes of rapidly converting everyone to reading electronic books.  However, according to a new survey by the Student Monitor, students still prefer printed textbooks and really like to rent textbooks online.  The survey consisted of 1200 participants with […]

Kno decides cheap textbooks answer lies in software

The Kno tablet was to be a hardware solution for cheap textbooks. As we reported in January, Kno tablet thought their unique tablet design was the answer; however, it now appears they believe the answers lies in software. They recently secured another $30 million in investment capital led by Intel Capital.  As a part of […]

Will the Kno be the answer to cheap textbooks?

Will the Kno tablet prove to be the answer for cheap textbooks? Users will have to see what they think of the single and dual screen tablet.