4 Tips for College Graduates

The job market is rough these days, especially for college graduates. To get a job out there, it’s about who you know, or being at the right place at the right time of course. Gone are the days when we see a job posting, send in our resumé, and have a solid chance of getting […]

6 Ways to Prepare for College

There are different types of people who go to college. There’s the uber-in-control type, who’s super competitive and stresses out easily. Then there’s the type who is a little more mellow, take things in stride, and finds creative ways to make the most of every situation. Finally, there’s the type who throws caution completely to […]

6 Tips for Finding a Job After College

It’s incredibly challenging to find a job in today’s market. The economy is hurting, so it has become increasingly more difficult for recent college grads (whether at the undergrad or the graduate level) to find jobs, let alone those in their field. New graduates may be first in their class, but if they don’t have […]