Enhance your college student experience with Google Services

Recent interns and graduates working at Google have put together College Tips by Google to help college students utilize Google Services to improve the college experience.  These college tips are broken up into three main categories: 1) Prospective College Students This category is focused on helping anyone thinking about getting into college.  The tips start […]

Parents buy college students houses to save money

An interesting trend is happening across the nation as house prices continue to fall: Parents are able to pay less for college by buying a house for their offspring versus paying the cost of a typical dorm room.  Tuition and costs of buying textbooks, even textbook rentals, is constantly increasing, so parents are seeking any […]

8 websites for cheap textbooks and college students

1. Cramster: Cramster.com is a community of professors and students that get together to solve all sorts of problems for virtually any college subject.  More particularly, they solve homework issues. Cramster makes it possible for users to post the questions they have and enables other users to respond and answer those questions. Not only that […]

Best ways to save money on college textbooks

We are all aware prices of college textbooks are skyrocketing these days.  Each year, new versions are published and sold at a much higher price than that of the previous version. This has been one of the primary factors why the price of attending college has steadily increased year after year.  Nonetheless, you will be […]