Extra Cash for the Holidays!

Running low on cash for the holidays? We know the feeling.  But don’t despair, Chegg.com and Rentscouter don’t want you to be broke for the holidays, there are a number of different easy ways you can make a bit of extra cash these holidays. Have you finished with your textbooks from last semester?  Are they […]

College Tips: Buying Cheap Textbooks Online

Trying to save a penny or just got out of budget to buy one of the most important supplies you need in college. The solution to this dilemma of yours is to search and buy online textbooks. But there is a lot of textbooks available online, the question is how would you get the best […]

6 Ways to Save Money in College

We all have these preconceived notions of college being this wonderfully glamorous place that will translate into the best years of our lives. And while that may be true for some, the majority of us get a good whiff of reality when our dollars start dwindling. The truth is, while college will probably be one […]

Cash for Textbooks or Amazon Textbook Buyback ?

Amazon Textbook Buyback or Cash for Textbooks – Your Best Option? It is the time of year when lots of textbook companies are hoping to buy back textbooks to sell back in the fall.  As someone endeavoring to get the highest price for your textbooks should you attempt to get cash for textbooks or try […]

Get paid to rent textbooks

eCampus.com Pays Cash To Students For Renting Textbooks eCampus.com is proud to introduce the eCampus.com Entourage, a brand ambassador program aimed at providing cash rewards to students for doing what they do anyway: renting, buying and selling textbooks. Students sign up for a free account at http://www.ecampusentourage.com and are given a unique code to use […]