College Tips: Choosing the best College for you!

Choosing the college institution where you want to be educated is one of the most critical parts of preparing yourself for college. You may have considered the well known College brands but these are not always the best, some of the less know colleges are fantastic. Choosing the best college can be tough, we’ve got […]

6 Tips for Finding a Job After College

It’s incredibly challenging to find a job in today’s market. The economy is hurting, so it has become increasingly more difficult for recent college grads (whether at the undergrad or the graduate level) to find jobs, let alone those in their field. New graduates may be first in their class, but if they don’t have […]

Fynanz Releases “College Resource Center” to Credit Union Partners

Fynanz Releases “College Resource Center” to Credit Union Partners Fynanz, Inc., the financial technology firm that develops customized private student lending solutions and powers the private student loan marketplace, today announced the release of a program to syndicate its College Resource Center (CRC) to all of their credit union partners. The CRC, which is […]

Kiva adds student loans to aid college students globally

Kiva members can now lend as little $25 to help students complete their educational goals. By focusing their efforts at the base of future economies Kiva’s members will help students get better jobs, support their families, and ultimately create real change in the relief of global poverty.