6 Ways to Prepare for College

There are different types of people who go to college. There’s the uber-in-control type, who’s super competitive and stresses out easily. Then there’s the type who is a little more mellow, take things in stride, and finds creative ways to make the most of every situation. Finally, there’s the type who throws caution completely to […]

Enhance your college student experience with Google Services

Recent interns and graduates working at Google have put together College Tips by Google to help college students utilize Google Services to improve the college experience.  These college tips are broken up into three main categories: 1) Prospective College Students This category is focused on helping anyone thinking about getting into college.  The tips start […]

Nebraska Book Company to close multiple college textbook stores

Nebraska Book Company (NBC) reports they are closing at least seven “off-campus” textbook bookstores: Florida Book Store, Gainesville, FL; Chattanooga Books, Chattanooga, TN; Madison Textbooks, Madison, WI; Spirit Shop, Lubbock, TX; Traditions Bookstore, College Station, TX; The College Store, Akron, OH; and GotUsed Bookstore, Pittsburgh, PA.  The named stores are to remain open for the […]

Open Course Library offers Cheap Textbooks Alternative

This past Monday the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges announced the launch of the Open Course Library to help college students combat the rising cost of education by providing a new alternative for cheap textbooks. The state of Washington has put up $750,000 which was matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates […]

Best Online College Textbook Rental Web Sites for Cheap Textbooks

Everyone knows that textbook prices are out of control even with new options in recent years like textbook rentals and buying used textbooks online.  The average college student spends around $900 per year on textbooks with publishers trying to raise prices with “enhanced” unnecessary features like pass-codes, CDs, and other content not required.  Textbook publishers […]