Welcome to 2013! What are your College Goals for 2013?

New Years Goals 2013Another year is over and you’re just getting back into the swing of things about to start a new year and a new semester at College.  It’s at this time of the year that we all start reflecting on the year that was and planning forward to the year that will be.

What are some of your goals for 2013?  Are you looking to simply get through your current College semester with good marks?  Or are you setting your goals high?

Maybe you’re looking to not only complete your College Degree but also to do something a bit entrepreneurial and build yourself a career while studying.  Me, I’ve set my goals high this year.  I really want to take 2013 by the horns and make it the best year by really challenging myself.  I’ve been doing some reading to inspire myself and I came across, this post on bostinno.com on 50 Student Startups That Received Funding from 2012.  How amazing, will we see your startup idea listed for 2013?

Whether you’re a believer in New Years resolutions and setting goals or not, here at Rentscouter we wish you all the best for the upcoming College Semester and hope that for all of you 2013 is the best year you can make it!